Enter an Economy Misfit Flash Link and an App to Control your Devices

Misfit has been in the wearable product innovation niche for quite long. After establishing its credence as a worthy Fitbit competitor, it has moved to more exciting product launches centering on wearables and technology, and the integration of both. Some of these include connected devices such as Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor with Alarm, and Misfit Bolt dynamic lightscape for interiors. Today, it announced the release of the home activity tracker app that can be used as a smart button to control various household appliances and electrical systems. Some of the immediate possibilities include controlling your music system, managing your phone’s camera, and influence your slideshow’s progress.

The new improved and cheaper Flash Link

Coinciding with the launch of this software, Misfit is also bringing out a cost effective activity tracker called the Flash Link. At $19.99, this Flash Link tracker is one of the cheapest devices released by the company. This new activity tracker will be the only one compatible with the activity tracker app that is launched on iOS app store. Other more expensive variants such as the older Flash ($30 instead of $50 from today onwards) and the most expensive Misfit Shine ($70 instead of $100 from today onwards) will have to wait to get full-fledged compatibility with the new iOS app.

If you are wondering why the cost is so low for the new wearable product, there is a simple explanation for that. The new and old Flash Link device uses plastic as build material, while the high end Shine is made from aluminum. Users can pick and choose from four color options (aqua green, red, black and white). Some of the sorely missing factors from the previous edition such as lack of heart rate monitor and the not so inspiring design are expected to be addressed with the new Flash activity tracker device. Some good factors such as replaceable coin battery life cycle of six months are expected to be improved upon with this new release.

How the app works?

Upon download and installation, users can opt to perform one of the many pre-designated functions — taking a selfie, control music playing on the iTunes, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora app, or controlling movement of slides in a presentation, using the Flash Link as a clicker. These diverse range of functionalities abide by the company’s vision to make the world a truly connected place by making the users’ wearable devices a more powerful tool.

By using a combination of triple press, double press, single press, or press and hold, various functionalities within an app can be managed. So for music management, these different actions will trigger different functions of the music app. The app is compatible with iOS version 7.0 onwards and can work on iPads too. While the Flash Link hardware will release on global e-retail stores later in this quarter, you can get your hands on right away it by ordering on the Misfit website.

Get the activity tracker iOS app on https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/misfit-link/id1010611810

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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