Five Sources To Enhance Your Android App Learning

As evident, Android mobile applications are a big hit with smartphone users hooked on to the latest technology. The nearly 700,000 apps available on Android app store shows its burgeoning popularity. Data shows that a whopping 25 billion applications were downloaded from Google Play, Android’s primary app store.

A developer survey (conducted in April–May 2013), has also found out that it is the most popular platform for developers with 71% users preferring Android to other platforms. This article helps budding developers to know more about five invaluable resources to grasp the nuances of Android app development in an easy and quick way.


Numerous tutorials are available in the YouTube to sharpen your knowledge of Android app development. Being a visually appealing source of informative modules, such videos can do a yeomen’s service in strengthening your elementary knowledge through professionally formatted study programmes and tutorials. You can also find videos on experts sharing their experiences in programming, debugging and deployment stages for practical assistance.


For better learning of Android App development, one of the foremost sources that you can depend on are books. A wide range of books that specialize in Android app development learning are available.

‘Hello, Android’ (Ed Burnett — ISBN: 978–1–93435–656–2) is one such resource. This book is designed for the beginners who are curious enough to learn the application development. It contains elementary knowledge of Android app development, helping you to get acquainted with the Android mobile platform, its basic features and tutorials to create your first mobile app.

You can also depend on other books like ‘Beginning Android 4 Application Development’

(Wei-Ming Lee — ISBN-13: 978–1118199541) and ‘Android Application Development All-in-One for Dummies’ (Barry Burd — ISBN-13: 978–1118027707), which will further advance your knowledge in professional Android app development.


AppShed, an online resource, is beneficial for those who desire to know more of Android app development and want to enhance their level of expertise. The AppShed site contains various resources enriching your elementary and advanced knowledge of Android and its development process.

Go through the AppShed Academy to find the basics of Android development presented in an simple and easy to understand way. You can also make use of the video facilities to clearly explain advanced app development concepts through interaction with skilled tutors.

Android official site

You can also count on Android’s official site as one of the best options to learn more about Android application development, testing, app store release protocols. The site is kept constantly updated of new advancements on the Android mobile platform. You can also make the most of its Android Training section to aid developers build their own applications.

Android App Inventor

App Inventor for Android not only helps to create Android mobile apps, but is also a great educational repository. It makes use of advanced graphical interface such as Scratch and the StarLogo TNG user interface allowing users to drag-and-drop visual objects options.

The service was originally offered by Google but after it terminated the service on Dec 31, 2011, the application is now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the name “MIT App Inventor”.

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