Is Xcode the best IDE for iPhone app development?

For those who plan for iPhone app development, the first thing that comes to mind is — which is the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment)? While there are many options such as AppCode from JetBrains (using Objective C) or Xamarin (using C# and .NET) for developing native iPhone apps, it is Apple’s Xcode that leads the pack by a big margin.

Xcode contains a set of design and development tools created by Apple for to assist in developing iPhone applications. Xcode is primarily an IDE within which you can code your iPhone app an design its functionalities. It involves the use of programming languages such as C, C++ or Objective-C. It offers numerous powerful features, each of which helps a developer tremendously in getting an app ready for distribution on iTunes. A few of these are mentioned below:

  1. Interface Builder: It enables you to test your application without writing any code. His is helpful for new developers who want to get going with app development but do not have adequate knowledge of the software. It also allows for quick prototyping.
  2. Source Editor: Apple provides a professional source editor that allows developers to code programs. The key highlights of this editor include automatic code completion and highlighting of syntaxes. It also features an interesting message bubble that warns you of potential errors in coding while you type the code.
  3. iOS Simulator: With the help of iOS Simulator, easily create and debug Cocoa Touch applications in a Mac-based iOS Simulator.
  4. Complete Documentation: A detailed documentation comes in alongwith this IDE. This helps developers when they get stuck at programming stage and need a helpful assistant to continue ahead.
  5. Code compilers: Apple provides the powerful C-based LLVM compilers that allow you to run programs and test it for errors as a part of concrete app building process
  6. Quick help: Shortened API documentation helps developers work their way around when programming or when they seek more clarity on a particular element being used or declared within the IDE

There are many benefits offered by this IDE:

  1. Integration: All important components of code building such as programming, testing and debugging can now be done easily within a single window
  2. Keeps you focused: Errors are highlighted as they occur enabling you to stay focused and go ahead with minimal errors.
  3. Write better code: It helps you comprehend every detail of your project. You can find out both, logic and syntax errors and even get your code fixed for you. Overall, it will aid you in writing better code and thus quickly deploy fully functional apps on the iTunes Store.

When you use Xcode developer tools package, you get access to easy-to-use, powerful and well documented set of programming essentials to aid you in building fabulous apps. iPhone app development has reached new standards with the advent of this interface. Including further improvements to the scalability, robustness and reliability of the development environment has made Xcode the best IDE for iPhone app development.

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