Mention Undergoes Design Revamp Concurrent to its US Expansion Bid

After a gradual start of operations, the Mention app has scaled up to become a name to be reckoned with over the last few years, primarily in the US. An alerts service on similar lines to Google Alerts, but with special added features, the Mention app had gathered itself a loyal following with its highly intuitive service that alerts users when a specified word or phrase is “mentioned” on the web. With multiple device support and a number of easy configuration options, Mention is already a popularly used service with about 40% of its client base in the US. Now, on the wake of a major expansion operation into the US, Mention has announced several important changes to its service. It has announced a slew of new features and enhancements that are sure to give a significant boost to this alerts service for the social web.

The Mention Alerts Service

French establishment Mention started off with the aim to reinvent and better the functionality offered by Google Alerts and it did so by offering a service that essentially allowed users to set alert for one or more word or phrase preferences. Mention would then provide real time alerts to the users whenever any of those words or phrases was used on the social media ecosystem. Over time, Mention has become a much sought after service and its remarkable features are now also being regularly used by small and medium scale businesses as an important tool for market research.

Enhancements built into the app

With its expected expansion program into the US, Mention has added targeted enhancements and improvements to its service, making it a completely revamped alerts service which can now have many more different kinds of uses. The company also expects that with the new tools, the service will become more useful not only for individuals, but also for businesses which can use the tool for lead generation, customer interactions and developing quality content.

One major feature that really lets users get in depth with their chosen set of keywords is the support for geo-location. Users can now break down and categorize mentions for their set keywords by geographical location, along with support for displaying trends over preferred periods of time. Users can also view the most and least prolific sources of those mentions. Mention includes an interesting feature here which lets users analyze the “sentiment” behind mention- essentially an indication as to whether those who are mentioning the keywords are doing so in a positive or negative light. All these are powerful features that can be influential in the right hands.

Mention has also recently revamped their Android app with a great feature that lets users filter their keyword preferences for Mention according to the type of mention and the originating source. With these new features and the extremely economical pricing options, Mention is ready to transcend the identity of being just a simple alerts service and move on to becoming a powerful and potent tool that can be used for many different purposes to create a difference.

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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