Mustbin Blends the Best of Messaging with Secure Cloud Storage

Mustbin has come a long way since it started off as a document and camera screen grab app. It has scaled up to include mobile messaging as part of its service offerings. What makes the news even more interesting is the slew of features that it has packed into the new app — Mustbin 2.0. It is promoting itself as encrypted messenger with a host of factors that make it difficult to turn away our attention from the app.

Mustbin 2.0’s Value Proposition

Given the sores of messenger apps already around, Mustbin 2.0 is positioning itself in the market a bit differently. It is dedicated solely to provide users a way to manage private message and photos. It not only offers total privacy but also has enhanced security in form of cloud services integration. It provides the below list of compelling factors to let you decide in favor of downloading this app –

  • You can reverse message delivery and un-send them. This action will work for photos too. Once this action is completed, the intended recipient will not get any sort of notification that you had sent a message or photo to them.
  • You can access the camera function from within the Mustbin 2.0 app. This way you can secretly take pictures without going to the phone’s camera feature. It not only helps in quicker photography but also helps you remain discreet.
  • You can ensure that no one can access your messages until they have access to the Mustbin app. This is where the other benefit comes in — You can keep your files within Mustbin 2.0 locked under a secret pin so that unauthorized access can be prevented even when the phone is not in your hand
  • It facilitates creating and managing of group chats irrespective of the mobile platform. This way you can bring together iOS and Android users under a single group for chatting and messaging
  • Mustbin professes one of the strongest encryption protocol that provides an added sense of security for your private photos and messages
  • The best part is that Mustbin is free to download and use and is free from irritating ads or in-app purchases

While messaging started as one of Mustbin’s offerings only a year back, it has taken long strides in a short amount of time to incorporate these features that will be appealing to privacy conscious smartphone users. At that stage it has managed to raise $1.5 million in funding. Till date, it has raised $6 million in angel funding to help its endeavor to provide newer, better and creative solutions to the mobile app segment.

Interested in trying out the app? Download it from the below app store link and let us know your thoughts on what benefits you liked the best.

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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