New Digital Breakup Tools Make Breaking Up More Unique On Facebook

If you have been a victim of breakup and are about to take drastic measures in the virtual space of Facebook, it’s time to think again. Just like normal life, Facebook has brought new breakup tools that give users the opportunity to ‘distance’ themselves from their former flames. Instead of ‘blocking’ or ‘unfriending’ the ex in your life, you can choose to see less activity related to their profiles on your news feed. Simultaneously, you can also select the information you want to exchange in future with your ex through Facebook. These new breakup tools also allow you to make significant changes to past photos and posts that are related to your former flame. In brief, you can still continue to maintain a distant relation with your ex without having to shut the door on their face.

How do these setting work?

These new settings will reduce the number of auto suggestions and auto tagging related to your former flame. The good thing about using the new breakup tools is that your ex will never ever get notified about these changes. The earlier versions of the same tool used to provide a ‘photo memories module’ in the sidebar which prevented pics of your ex flame from showing up. With new tools, this scenario has improved. Facebook gives you the opportunity to allow or restrict this new person from receiving your posts and comments in his or her news feed. On the other hand, your ex will get to see posts which you are sharing publicly, in pics — you have tagged him or her and the content shared on your mutual friend’s timeline.

In real life breakups, old flames burn the old photos and destroy the personal gifts exchanged during good times. Similarly Facebook gives you a chance to revisit your old photos and posts and make significant changes in their privacy setting. It means you can restrict your ex from seeing those old photos and can also untag them. You may choose to remove unwanted posts manually or in bulk and after doing this, your profile will never show up that ‘perfect first date’ and that ‘romantic dinner on the rooftop’. You may also choose to allow showing your old photos to friends which are exclusively tagged. It will help you when you befriend a new person or start a new relation as they will browse through your Facebook account for the first-time.

Be subtle during breakups

If you have recently broken up with someone and have adjusted your status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’, Facebook’s new breakup tools can still be used by visiting the ‘help center’. “At the moment, users located in the U.S. can use these new breakup tools, but these will become available for worldwide users after a little adjustment by Facebook”, said a spokesperson. Facebook users have given positive response for these new tools and are seeing it as an opportunity to filter information from selected people just like we do in normal life. No doubt, these tools give a fresh breathe to people dealing with break up.

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