PrivacyStar App Update Adopts Color Coding to Help you Avoid Unsolicited Calls

In this day and age, smartphones and its applications are used daily by millions of people around the world, and a large number of them are dependent on these devices in a number of ways. As is the case with other success stories, the boom in the use of smart phones has come with its own negatives. One such type unhelpful detriment is the different kinds of inconveniences which result from breach of privacy.

Nowadays, it is considerably easy for telemarketers to lay their hands on your telephone number and make unsolicited calls to sell products or services, even in cases where you have specifically registered your number under the ‘do not call’ list. This can be a major irritation for cell phone users, who value their privacy and would not enjoy having to spend their time and effort on unsolicited marketing calls. This is precisely where PrivacyStar come in real handy.

PrivacyStar is a widely popular and effective mobile application for Android which helps users in these circumstances, providing excellent caller ID services and allowing users to block calls which they do not want to receive. Recently, their app made an update which has made it even better and much more effective to block unwanted nuisances that reach your phone in the form of unsolicited telemarketing calls.

New Features in PrivacyStar

PrivacyStar was already an incredibly efficient app, allowing users to block calls and text messages from those numbers which have been reported for infringing on customer privacy. It also allowed you to report these nuisances yourself, and has built a database of these numbers over the years with the help of a gigantic amount of customer feedback. With the latest update, PrivacyStar now has in place a system for color coding incoming calls, so that a user can immediately figure out whether the call is coming from a reported number.

Below are the new color codes as applicable through the new updates

  1. Calls from numbers that are not already in your address book but are not known to be telemarketers will be shown with a green colored label.
  2. If a call comes through from a number which has been reported, but not verified by PrivacyStar, a yellow label will appear next to the number.
  3. When a call comes from a number which is in their list of verified offenders of privacy, it is shown with a red flag.

This color coding mechanism makes it very easy for users to instantly figure out whether the call is coming from a safe source and to decide whether to receive the call or not. For numbers which belong to known scammers, PrivacyStar blocks all calls and texts at the source and they never reach the destination number. Instead, the user gets an alert that the application has blocked a scammer. The act also integrates support for directly reporting offences to the Federal Trade Commission. For those users who indeed value their privacy, the latest update makes PrivacyStar a great choice to avoid unsolicited breaches of privacy and to keep using their phones in peace.

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Originally published at: MobDevApp