Save Time, Be Efficient — Use These Apps For Managing Cards Contacts

Business communication and networking often requires people to hand out visiting cards to others for prospective business reasons. While physical paper cards were the norm till a few years back, digital cards, a new line of apps have recently emerged that tale the pain out of maintaining contacts from visiting cards. Imagine after a conference, you receive 15–20 business cards from others and the amount of time you would need to transfer them correctly into your diary or your smartphone. These routine yet time consuming tasks can easily be achieved by these 5 apps and thus save time and make you efficient at the same time.

  • Shoeboxed — This app gives different approaches to help create a digital contact –
  1. Snail mail the card to their postal address
  2. Scan cards and upload images on web browser
  3. Share business cards to the team through the app

The app helps to de-stress and clear clutter by creating digital copies of all papers and documents. For business cards too it creates an online copy and stores in an online account. While they have only paid plans, they do offer a 30-day free trial.

  • Cardcloud — The Cardcloud app creators claim that this is the only business card one will need on the smartphone. This app helps share digital contact from phone to phone or phone to email. When sending through mail, the recipient need not have a Cardcloud account. He or she will receive a digital card on email in an easy to read format. One can also add notes about where and when you met a contact.

  • Clinck — This digital business card sharing app has made it possible for people to never use paper business cards again. Available for free download on iTunes, the app provides many features such as ‘one click send’, and customizing the card by adding personal notes. One can even send it to those recipients who do not have this app installed at their end.

  • Feathr — This app creates an exciting opportunity for specific events where networking contacts get made and shared — i.e. at trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and conferences. At these functions, time is of essence and Feathr makes it possible for quick addition of new contact on smart devices. It also tags notes and timestamps that help you easily recall when and how you had met the contact. This way it assists you to leverage maximum out of the annual conference by helping you to gather valuable networking contacts.

  • CardMunch — Backed by LinkedIn, it offers a range of features to ensure that contacts can be easily created, stored and retrieved when needed. The app allows you to take a photo of the business card from within the app. This is then converted into a digital contact that can be stored on iPhone contacts list or CardMunch list. At CardMunch every photo taken by the app is edited, transcribed and entered as data by actual personnel to maintain accuracy and timely service.

Originally published at: MobDevApp

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