Storytelling Made Intuitive with Stellar App UX Revamp

There is great power in a story, and it becomes much more impactful when conveyed through suitable photos and videos. To change this thought into reality, Stellar has now upgraded its app which debuted last year. The upgrade will see the iOS app help to make sharing stories fun through short, multiple page artistic tools. Making strategic use of images, videos and text, this app stands out among others due to its smart and simple interface. Just a few taps are required to create amazing stories on this app. The app shows some unique examples of the stories when you go through its intro page. The stories are sensitive and thoughtful.

Sensible listings, artist names, total likes and a ‘heart’ icon are some features that make this app a much more delightful experience. “Everyone wants to tell a story and everyone have their own ways of bringing these out’ believes Jay Wilder, cofounder of Stellar. The kind of stories that are generally published by users include but are not limited to — traveling adventures, DIY Projects, cuisines and fun filled activities. The app has been improved to offer sensible features, so that each user can express his or her story in unique ways. So, why not go through all new creativity this app has to offer, here are some main attractions-

Organized and Theme based layouts — As compared to its last version, this time app has theme based layouts that allow user to select a particular layout for his or her story. For example, if you are uploading a recipe video, there is customized theme for that in Stellar. For now, there are six basic themes which offer multiple variations to convey an interesting story.

Fonts, colors and graphics — After choosing your theme, you can instantly add on the colorful text and graphics to add a personal touch to your tale.

Easy import — The feature allowing one time multiple uploading of photos and videos makes this app even more interesting. You can add your chosen, media, colors, fonts to make your story effective.

Tap to replace — You can always replace the existing photos and videos by a single tap offered by the layout feature. For every chosen image or video, you can preview many themes, colors and fonts before adding the same. Some layouts give you more area to add text while others focus mainly on visual effects.

Draft for later use — When you have selected the images for your story, checked the layouts but find that it is not turning out the way you desired, you can always save a draft to polish later on.

The brand impact — When you visit the intro page of this new and improved app, you will notice some impressive brand stories being conveyed through Stellar. Brands like Urban Outfitters, DIYs by Free People and Athlete Profiles from Lululemon all share their tales here. However Stellar claims that the brands have used their platform for storytelling like all other normal users.

To create an amazing story yourself, download Stellar App here:

Originally published at: MobDevApp