Watching online TV? Most likely it has to be on iOS

As per current trends, if you have been watching TV online, it most probably has been through an iOS app. Surprised? That’s what Adobe’s video data research,the quarterly U.S. Digital Video Benchmark study discloses. Released this week, it shows some interesting insights into the way users carry out online TV consumption. Among other points it highlighted the fact that iOS users form 43% of the access points used for viewing online TV. With this, it has surpassed desktop online TV viewing which is trailing behind for the first time at 36%. Android came in third at 15% share (up from 11% last year). It was followed by gaming consoles and over the top devices that accounted for 6% share (a 500% growth since last year).

The report has made it amply clear, that more than before, online video watching has penetrated users’ lives, irrespective of the medium. Q1 2014 saw more than 35 billion online video views from amongst 1300 media and entertainment websites through unauthenticated video views, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Primetime across 4 quarters ending Q1 2014. The data certainly shows that Internet has revolutionized TV watching experience and iOS is dominating the space in this niche.This data marks a significant shift in how videos and TV are being viewed online.The transition from desktop computers to mobile is affecting every facet of technology and online TV watching is no different. This trend also corroborates a shift in user preference to log online, from traditional desktops and laptops to the smartphones, iPads and tablets.

Another interesting insight — 80% of the younger audience content (including those for kids and teenagers) is now viewed on iOS devices.It proves that this critical audience segment (the younger viewers) are fast moving away from traditional TV viewing to mobile based online TV viewing. That’s is certainly a discouraging news for TV manufacturers and broadcasters. Adults and parents were not far behind, with 50% of them using iOS apps to view TV online. Narrowing down on mobile TV/video starts data, tablets (16% of video starts) are lagging behind smartphones (48%) year-over-year. Additionally the total amount of authenticated video views grew by a whopping 246% year-over-year.

Jeremy Helfand, vice president of Adobe Primetime states “More than one fifth of all pay-TV households in the U.S. now watch TV online across screens. With rapidly rising consumer expectations for TV across devices, the TV industry is moving through a rapid transformation and finding new ways to bring TV to whatever screen audiences want to watch.”

In addition to this insight, Android registered a stupendous 202% rise as the preferred access point of watching TV, racing past iOS and desktops in terms of yearly growth. This news is sure to change the way we look at online TV consumption. This also presents a tremendous opportunity to online marketers to tap into this burgeoning user segment for their product/service promotion. Additionally they can integrate videos into their marketing plans and drive success to their brand marketing strategy.

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