Workestra — A Universal Inbox for All Your Notifications

In case you have been logging in for one service, looking at notifications, managing it, logging off and then doing the same for another service, you would understand how much time it takes to manage your notifications from different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp or SalesForce. There is now an app to ease out this problem and show all notification feeds in one place for better visibility and better management — the Workestra App.

Service proposition of Workestra

At the heart of the app is the notification management facility that allows users to see all updates, alerts and notifications from a single window rather than having to individually log in to a channel/ service and then view and manage them. As the dependency on apps for professional or personal reason keep increasing, so will be the need to manage notifications from a wide range of apps that will each require its own authentication and log in to access and manage them.

The app development team at Workestra believes that using the service across multiple platforms, channels and services is what sets Workestra apart on the app store and is the key benefit offered to its users. For instance, if you wish to receive updates on Facebook posts seen but do not want to be notified about birthdays or other life events, you can tweak the setting in the Workestra app to deliver just the notifications you want to see.

Workestra allows its users to sign for receiving notifications from almost 50 channels including Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, SalesForce, or Slack. Speaking about the app, its founder Omid Borjian says “A lot of companies have all these apps out there that no one wants to log into… And we’re already bogged down with all these apps we have on our phones. So you get all these notifications, and it’s very hard to control it nowadays because you get notifications about things you don’t even care about.”

Additional features

To provide more functionality and penetration for the app, there is also an API present that can help developers to integrate notification management facility within their app. Then there is the code library that has examples coded and ready for authentication from HTTP and OAuth 2.0. The API is easily integrated into programs developed in Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js and .Net third party libraries

For the future, the app is gearing for more enterprise level notification across an organisation, even if they may or may not have an app presence. For monetisation the app will make use of certain number of free notifications from 3 channels. If the user likes it, he/ she can upgrade to receive more number of notifications per month from more than 50 channels of feeds.

What started as a bootstrapping project is now a fully functional mobile app. Borjian had started the project by side while being employed at ServiceNow — a cloud company. Till before its release on app stores, the app was in beta mode with 100 private users on the Android platform.

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Originally published at: MobDevApp