Why I Am Not Big on Publicly-Traded Social Media

When you read enough news and do enough research on your own, you eventually realise that there are certain social media sites that are NOTORIOUS for entrapping people.

How many people have been arrested, gone to jail, convicted, had their lives RUINED over incriminating things they have written, posted, re-posted, shared, and published on these entrapment’s partners’ cyberhall of infamies?

And as if those are not enough, you can count on the leeches of fines and their bottomless greed for shaking down to CRIMINALISE as many things as they can find on there.

And ah, the leading questions they ask to get you to spill the beans.

And this is why I will EVENTUALLY get everything that I have written on these publicly traded sites COMPLETELY out of there.

They are not merely satisfied on making money from your content — for how else would they make money if everyone suddenly stopped giving updates of what they’re up to and what they’re interested in?

They also HAVE TO BE your puritanical tattle-tale stalkers who could do no wrong, don’t believe in giving you any kind of benefit of the doubt AT ALL, can’t get enough of finding ways to get you in all sorts of trouble, AND on top of all that, make a ton of money too in the stock market from the items that their informants, entrappers, and their future and even past victims — if they haven’t learned their lesson, that is — continue to put on there.

(And you don’t have to have any kind of training in counter-surveillance and counter-intelligence to realise that somebody is itching for some serious information really bad when he or she persistently and continuously keeps asking, “So what are you going to do about it?” to get you to reveal something actionable and concrete when you are commenting.)

It REALLY almost makes Gestapo Germany and the Third Reich sound like a day at the beach.

So, no, I don’t think so.

Gullible, too-trusting, naive SUCKERS might be fine with these, but I’m not.

They can take their entrapment sites where they belong — to the cybergraveyards where they will ultimately end up.

Today’s big thing IS tomorrow’s fish wrap after all!