DNX 4.5.1 and DNXCore 5.0 .. Wat ??

Asp Net core (AspNet5 as called previously) supports two BCL framework. Enough to confuse any sane person looking . So I thought of understanding what the hell it is.

DNX 4.5.1 — It is .net 4.5.1 framework , It is 4.6 as you read the blog . If you build your application with this target then you can deploy in any windows server which has complete version of .net . Also this framework will contain library for WPF, WCF and other .

DNXCore 5.0 or Dotnetcore 1.0 — It is a light weight framework which contains BCL which can run on any operating system. This contains library which are required to run the application across the platform. Also this framework can be downloaded as nuget package and does not require any previous installation. As of writing this post , DotNet core is not complete .

I prefer to wait for any application written today for the Dotnet core to available . This will provide a major advantage when it comes to performance as well as cost of deployment.