Come My Beloved.., Push That Garbage Can Over There..

An old Human Resources Manager took ill and died. She arrived up at the gates where she met reception committee which was to decide where she was to be placed,in hell or heaven.

“Welcome”said the person in charge, “ My name is Chitragupta. While you were travelling up I and my boss went through your resume and I am baffled and not really sure what to do with you, whether to place you in heaven or hell. That is because in your career as HR manager, you threatened people of dire consequences. You suspended dozens of employees under suspension pending enquiries. You extended probation periods of scores of employees citing false reason of non performance. You withheld PF and Gratuity under false reasons of damages to the property. Transfer requests at the place of spouse were wrapped up in files for months together by you.You cheated many while calculating CTC. You also delayed giving experience certificates to those who left your organization. You always made fun of people behind their back. You did not spare even older employees. . Someone asked you not to behave like this but you said that’s the fun being HR executive and you were proud of being HR…. In short, your immoral acts outweigh your moral actions. So we are bit confused, you see.. “

“ All my life I was in hell,” said the woman, “ But now I wish I may be given a chance to settle in Heaven. Will you recommend it please” ? asked the woman.

“Well, I’d like to, but my boss has different ideas . What we have decided is let you spend one day in Hell and one day in Heaven and then you can decide yourself whichever one where you want to settle.”

“That is not necessary, I have already decided to stay in Heaven”, said the woman

“Sorry, we have rules and policies those must be followed……” said Chitragupta and directed the woman towards an elevator on the door of which HELL was written in bold letters. The elevator went down and down and finally stopped. The doors opened and she stepped out finding herself on a beautiful beach . In the distance she saw all her friends,colleagues she had worked with and they were all frolicking dressed in bikinis and shorts and cheering for her. They ran up and hugged her and talked about old times. Then along with them she enjoyed the sea shore.They played again for some time and at night went to the nearby resort where she enjoyed an excellent dinner. She met one Mr. Bhoot who was nice man with whom she cut few jokes and danced. Time flew very fast and before she realized, it was time to leave. Her friends shook her hand and waved goodbye as she entered the elevator.

The elevator went up and up and when she stepped out she found Chitragupta waiting for her. “Now in the heaven for a day” he said. So she was escorted by one Mr. Madan Kumar to the gates of heaven. Upon reaching she found herself floating on clouds. Some Apsaras were singing, dancing and playing the harp. But no friends were there and no one to talk to. Killing time was difficult. Finally the day ended and she stood before Chitragupta . “So, you’ve seen both the departments. Now you must choose your permanent place.

The woman paused for few moments and then said, “Well, I never had an idea that Hell is better than Heaven. I decide for Hell.”

“Okay, then sign these papers. You sure you won’t ask for transfer?” Chitragupta enquired.

“ No way” the woman said firmly.

“ Great” said Chitragupta, “ And even if you apply for transfer, we will wrap your application and dump it in pending files for eternity, as you used to do back on earth you know..” and saying so he escorted her to the elevator for her permanent abode to Hell. The elevator went down and down and then stopped. As the doors of the elevator opened she saw herself standing on a dumping ground and in a pit filled with garbage of all sorts and filth. Her friends were wearing torn dirty clothes and were picking up the garbage and putting it in garbage bags. Some of them were pushing garbage cans and some of them carrying nights soil in a pot on their heads. The putrid and rancid smell was repulsive and unbearable. Mr. Bhoot came up to her in long strides and took her hand in his.

“No, this is not Hell” She yelled. “yesterday I was here and there was a sea, beach and an eatery. I ate biryani and we frolicked and danced and enjoyed. . Now all here is a filth and garbage and all my friends look devastated and miserable as they looked back while in employment on Earth… “. Mr Bhoot looked at her, smiled and said,

“Yesterday we were inducting you dear, today you’re an Employee…. Come my beloved, start pushing that garbage can over there….”