Vanity Fair.

Ogling is the most common way women are harassed. One may say, oh it’s just a cursory glance for few more seconds and shrug it off, but as a murder in an IT company in Pune showed, that’s all what it takes, a long glance. Kerala is state in India from where an IPS officer claims that staring at a woman for more than fourteen seconds is punishable offence . A woman has a right to seek recourse under section 354C and 354D, voyeurism and stalking, apart from the law against outraging the modesty of a woman. Making lewd gestures and obscene remarks amount to punishable offence. Isn’t a woman feels vulnerable and reduced to a state of a mere object when ogled at? This is a routine experience women go through. The gaze is deliberate and predatory and happens irrespective of women’s age, attire, build, social status or marital status. It happens on crowded buses, trains, offices, public places, societies, apartments, multistorey, malls, departmental stores and of course streets. In fact tourists from overseas have written innumerable blogs on this habit.

And here was a lady on LinkedIn, a social site of repute, asking opinions on her looks from the readers, posing herself in three different angles and asking which angle was better to boost her career. In short she was inviting to look at her and decide which one was a killer look, as she wanted to market herself. And imagine she received thumbs up, totalling 8000 and still counting and more than 35000 comments and still counting.

What happened to the collective consciousness of the members of this social site? Are looks so important to build your career? Your demeanor, your attitude, your IQ and EQ, your understanding the needs of prospective buyer, knowing pulse of market, don’t they play part in boosting your career.? Why so much importance to visual makeup rather than an inner beauty? Are qualifications and credentials secondary?

Some die-hard fans of this lady may say, oh this is only a photograph, don’t be so prudish. But in a way, looking at the pictures, such as in Penthouse and Playboy magazines, may also amount to ogling in a vicarious way.

Sometimes It is very difficult to understand the psych of a lady with Vanity. One can predict the next course of action by the present US President but to guess what a narcissist woman can do next moment is a challenge.

Dr Satish.