Top 5 Benefits of Going Vegetarian

Satish Lal Acharya
Jun 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Vegetarianism or Non-Vegetarianism; is a complex topic to debate. It is people’s choice. Mostly, common folk doesn’t have so much choice as they are dependent on the food they can afford; irrespective of its relevance with vegan or non-veg. But, some elite class still discusses the advantages and disadvantages of vegan or non-vegan diets. So, I (Satish Lal Acharya), want to tell here, some of the benefits of going vegetarian.

1. Low Fat Intake Prevents Many Diseases

Most of the vegetarian diets don’t have huge deposits of fats unless; it is deep fried in oils. Most of the vegetarian foods like grains, vegetables, pulses, and fruits are less in fat. Nowadays, the lifestyle changes are seeing increased risks of diseases. More fat rich diets make more prone to diseases as it takes hard labour to digest fats. So, vegetarian diets which are less on fat; save you from the health risks that come from eating fats. One of the best advantages of the vegetarian diet is the decreased risk of obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

2. Multi-nutritional Properties

Vegetarian diets are diverse. They include leaves, stems, fruits, roots and many other parts of plants. They are good fibers, and rich in folic acid, vitamins A, C and E. Such foods also have rare minerals needed by human body like magnesium, unsaturated fat, and countless phytohormones.

3. Indirect Intake of Herbal Medications

Vegetarian diets also contain many herbal plant products which are used in the medication of complex diseases. The inclusion of curry-patta, basil leaves, mint, spices and herbs not only adds taste to food but also acts as natural cures for common diseases. I (Satish Lal Acharya) especially feel that Indian diets are rich with herbs found in every corner of India.

4. More Fibres and Antioxidants

Vegetarian diets contain more fibers and carbohydrates which are a big source of energy. It is also good for digestion and suits to the stomach of all-age humans. Many vegetarian foods contain antioxidants and helps in rejuvenation of cells and tissues. They are natural immune boosters. So I (Satish Lal Acharya) push for going more vegan than average if your conscience allows.

5. Uncountable Recipes

In vegetarian diets, there are a number of recipes from different parts of the world. You can try a variety of mixtures and cuisines by some addition or subtraction of ingredients. Soups, juices, jellies, pickles, sauces, local drinks and foods of all regions are an everyday addition along with main-stream cuisines

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