How I learned about Commitment

If you are an employee, you hear a lot about the word commitment from your supervisors and peers. But some of you might question what it really means or what might not understand what it is. I want to share an experience about commitment from the early stages my career which had a big impact on me.

I was working at Cognizant and was part of a big team with many peers and leads. One of my leads got a call from her home saying her dad had an heart attack. She almost broke down the minute she heard that. I had personally seen her with her father in bus stops and knew how much she loved sharing her everyday stories with him. So I could understand how she might have felt when she heard the news. As expected she gathered all her stuff to leave. But before moving out she did something that surprised me a lot.

She went to the other leads and her team members and spoke about the pending work, follow-ups that was needed and the deadlines that were coming up. Obviously everyone told her to just leave and that they would take care of things. But she insisted on passing on the necessary information before she left. It took just 5 minutes of her time but in her situation it was huge.

She could have just left the minute the phone call came and the projects might still have gone fine. But she had the intention to make sure everything goes fine irrespective of the situation that she was in.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should do something like this. But this is one of the best examples of commitment that I came across in my life and had a huge impact early on in my career and made me think about a lot of things from a different perspective.

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