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Really nice article, something which even I am worried about where the Data Science is moving, as an enthusiast as well as a job seeker.

I had to shell out Rs 30 lakhs, to pursue course on Informatics, from the University of Edinburgh, and reason, as their Machine Learning program are considered to be one of the toughest major on this planet. Yes, it was tough. But this toughness was not because I was poor in Mathematics. In fact, I have nearly 100/100 in my high school mathematics.

I have realized that the people who are in AI have no idea about how to create that one big thing which would change the world. Everyone is just shooting the arrow in the dark and hoping that it would hit the bulls eye, which would never work.

I would say that if one is good in basic mathematical skills of high school he or she has enough talent to be considered a serious data scientist. According to me university programs are hindering the growth of Data Scientists, who would be solving the problems of industry, and more importantly the people. All this talk about growth hacker, machine learning hacker etc is useless, if the skills of data science is not going to be put to use.

Unfortunately, Data Science, an elite profession, meant to solve problems, is being turned into an ‘elitist’.

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