Convergence North America 2015 summary #CONV15

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Last week in Atlanta, we had the opportunity to share what we have been working on and engage with customers, prospects, partners, media, industry analysts & more.

Convergence this year, for the first time, morphed to become the marquee event from Microsoft for business decision makers — and the focus was around the value-prop Microsoft uniquely has to offer as a whole, not just focused on Dynamics products as it did in previous years.

From a Dynamics Cloud Engagement & Platform team perspective — it was big event for us. The unveiling of ‘Box’/LCS solutions, sneak peak at ‘AX7’, momentum with R3 on Azure, Lifecycle Services & overall ALM story, Dynamics AX/Azure engagement & integrated experiences really came through as setting a new bar and as clear differentiators vs. the competition.

As always, it was a great opportunity for us to share all the latest related product innovations with the Dynamics ecosystem, listen to feedback, learn & network.

Some choice #CONV15 tweets from a Dynamics Platform team perspective

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Key notables:

Customer Stories

One of my favorite parts of Convergence are the customer stories — it really brings to life the value prop as Product Managers & Engineers we hope to come to fruition when we design & build products.


Finally — below is a quick run down of the sessions presented by team members on the Dynamics Cloud Platform & Engagement R&D team, summary of what we covered & links to the recordings. It was great to see the enthusiasm and response from the attendees at these sessions:

Dynamics Lifecycle Services Overview & “Box” solutions (DDAX003-R1)

Keep your ERP implementations up & running smoothly (BKAX006)

Dynamics Cloud Deployments / AX R3 on Azure (BKAX008)

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Your approach to Upgrade (BKAX017)


As always, your feedback/questions/comments are welcome — DM me @satishthomas… and hope to see you all at Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, or Convergence 2016 in New Orleans!

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@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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