Convergence North America 2015 summary #CONV15

Last week in Atlanta, we had the opportunity to share what we have been working on and engage with customers, prospects, partners, media, industry analysts & more.

Convergence this year, for the first time, morphed to become the marquee event from Microsoft for business decision makers — and the focus was around the value-prop Microsoft uniquely has to offer as a whole, not just focused on Dynamics products as it did in previous years.

From a Dynamics Cloud Engagement & Platform team perspective — it was big event for us. The unveiling of ‘Box’/LCS solutions, sneak peak at ‘AX7’, momentum with R3 on Azure, Lifecycle Services & overall ALM story, Dynamics AX/Azure engagement & integrated experiences really came through as setting a new bar and as clear differentiators vs. the competition.

As always, it was a great opportunity for us to share all the latest related product innovations with the Dynamics ecosystem, listen to feedback, learn & network.

Some choice #CONV15 tweets from a Dynamics Platform team perspective

Key notables:

  1. Dynamics Lifecycle Services & “Box” / LCS Solutions Preview
    We unveiled a new framework and approach that raises the bar in bringing forward predictability, high quality and repeatability into implementations with partner-led content & optimized for time to value (define, implementation & operation) for our customers. Our monthly update cadence of innovation for LCS continues & R3 on Azure capabilities continue.
  2. AX2012 momentum & sneak preview of ‘AX7'
    The momentum in the market today or AX2012 R3 is amazing. Most recently, we released AX2012 R2 CU8, continuing the cumulative updates path for our In-Market AX2012 product. The AX strategy session (see recording here) featured a sneak preview of ‘AX7' — see it for yourself here.
  3. Azure Marketplace & Dynamics LCS integrated experience
    Dynamics and Azure customers can now discover Dynamics AX 2012 R3 & LCS Solutions in the Azure Marketplace and provision the offers in the Azure management portal.
  4. … and much much more! Above list is just focused on Dynamics Cloud Engagement / Platform specific areas— for the full gambit of announcements from across the board, head down to the Convergence News Updates website.

Customer Stories

One of my favorite parts of Convergence are the customer stories — it really brings to life the value prop as Product Managers & Engineers we hope to come to fruition when we design & build products.

  1. JJ Food Services: A great story of a food distribution service in the UK leveraging sensors in trucks (IoT) for collecting real time data, using stream analytics capabilities in Azure to analyze the incoming data and finally using Dynamics AX & Azure Machine learning to revolutionize customer service.
  2. Pet Supplies Plus: This was a story about how PSP is leveraging Dynamics AX 2012 R3 on Azure for their ERP roll-out strategy for 300+ stores. I also learnt something new from this session — there are more households in Seattle with pets, than households with children. You learn something new every day ☺
  3. Pandora Jewelry: Showcased the One-Microsoft value prop that helps drive greater efficiency through the development of new business tools and standardizing workflows across the company. Their solution consists of ERP (Microsoft Dynamics AX), SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 — and tying them all together with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  4. AccuWeather: Impressive use and impact of big data (Azure & PowerBI)— over 9.5 billion data requests per day from over 200 countries in 100 different languages to deliver info on critical weather alerts to their customers.
  5. WASH Laundry Systems: Leverages Dynamics AX for parts inventory, active service calls, collections and other daily operations to feed into one system, which everyone from an executive to a service tech can draw from to do their jobs better.


Finally — below is a quick run down of the sessions presented by team members on the Dynamics Cloud Platform & Engagement R&D team, summary of what we covered & links to the recordings. It was great to see the enthusiasm and response from the attendees at these sessions:

Dynamics Lifecycle Services Overview & “Box” solutions (DDAX003-R1)

  • LCS Solutions / “Box” unveil — overview & call to sign up for solution onboarding
  • Overview of LCS value-prop, services (demo rich), momentum we are seeing in the ecosystem, and call to action.
  • Session recording:

Keep your ERP implementations up & running smoothly (BKAX006)

  • Operate phase deep dive & Updates. This included a deep dive into Diagnostics, Issue Search, Cloud Powered Support, preview of the new LCS powered Update experience for R3 coming soon.
  • Session recording:

Dynamics Cloud Deployments / AX R3 on Azure (BKAX008)

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Your approach to Upgrade (BKAX017)


As always, your feedback/questions/comments are welcome — DM me @satishthomas… and hope to see you all at Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, or Convergence 2016 in New Orleans!




@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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Satish’s Bytes

Satish’s Bytes

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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