Dynamics Lifecycle Services — an amazing 1st year

Its been an exciting year* or so since Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) was introduced to the world! LCS is an industry first — the first fully cloud-powered, comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) service & more built for business applications (Microsoft Dynamics). Built for a cloud-first world, LCS is rapidly iterated on with new capabilities and feature enhancements.

Quick look back at Year 1

Incredible momentum. Millions of page impressions and growing fast. Over 10,000 project workspaces being leveraged by thousands of customers, partners & ISVs for their Dynamics implementations. Diverse usage across company sizes, industries and geographies**. Highly recommended by leading industry analysts.

Updates in the last year at cloud speed

Continuous Learning in a cloud-first world

This is all made possible by a truly amazing team. Being part of the founding LCS V1 team, and currently the Group Program Manager of the team has been a great learning & humbling experience. Below is a fun illustration of some of the key things we learnt & iterated on along the way of our journey to cloud speed & cadence.

Call to action

In a cloud-first world — usage is the new currency, and adoption is key for you & your teams to realize the full value of what we work hard at offering to all of you. A few pointers to get you started right away —

  • Watch the LCS short videos below if you need a quick primer on LCS overall, and each of the available services for the Define, Develop & Operate phases of your implementation (embedded below)
  • Log into LCS (using your CustomerSource/PartnerSource login); ask to be invited into an existing project workspace, or create a new one for your customers.
  • Stay on top of monthly updates from LCS team: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/lcs/

LCS Overview video: Define phase

LCS Overview video: Develop phase

LCS Overview video: Operate phase

Thank you

Finally, I’d like to thank all the passionate users for the incredible momentum in adoption and feedback to the team over the last year. And we’re still very much in the early throes of what is possible! Stay tuned..

DM me @satishthomas or drop a comment on the LCS blog if you have any feedback or to share your LCS stories.. would love to hear them!

*LCS v1 was first launched to PROD on 28th June, 2013
**Except Antarctica ☺

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle