Early preview feedback on upcoming Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’ ERP release & Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Hi everyone,

We have been been heads down building Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’ — the upcoming cloud release of our flagship ERP product and through the Dynamics ‘AX 7’ preview program (similar to the Windows ‘Insider’ Program.. but for Dynamics) thrilled to demonstrate the pre-release versions of the product to partners, customers & analysts.

We are humbled to hear all the early feedback from developers, partners & analysts who have gotten their hands on the preview versions of Dynamics ‘AX 7’. We are continuously listening and iterating the product taking into consideration all your feedback.

Hear feedback directly from early partners & developers using ‘AX7’ pre-release bits

Josh Greenbaum from Enterprise Applications Consulting (EAC) took a detailed early look at the pre-release product, along with Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) and other key components of the Microsoft portfolio in order to assess our ERP cloud offering and their potential for customers and partners.

“It’s clear that Microsoft has made some very crucial and highly strategic bets, when it comes to the combination of Dynamics AX 7, LCS, and Azure” …

… “ EAC believes that these bets have been extremely well-placed, and the uniqueness of the combination of these three offerings bodes well for Microsoft, its partners, and most important of all, its customers.”

Be sure to read the analyst (pre)view by Josh Greenbaum / EAC
(@josheac) — it is a must read in my view and captures well the unique offering and value prop of what ‘AX 7’ brings to the business apps & ERP world. Download the full analyst whitepaper report here (PDF)


Have feedback or questions? — DM me @satishthomas and i will try to help as best as I can or connect you to someone who can on the team.

Thanks for all the feedback so far and helping us make the next version of Dynamics AX (ERP) a truly transformative release for the ERP industry!

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle