• Gianluca Casagrande

    Gianluca Casagrande

    Crazy for software (C#, WCF, complex architecture). My other passion (when I have time for that): motorbike, paragliding and diving. #Avanade

  • Cristian González

    Cristian González

    Desarrollador de aplicaciones móviles con Xamarin y UWP. Speaker de tecnologías Microsoft cuando estoy de humor. Amante de la tecnología y gadgets.

  • Alexander H Hennessy

    Alexander H Hennessy

    Traverse + Transcend. Using this medium account to publish about machine learning journey from the beginning.

  • Abhi Rathna

    Abhi Rathna

    Thinker.Builder. Traveler-Present: Program Management at Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise. All views are mine.

  • Eric Darbe

    Eric Darbe

    NH Dad.

  • Piotr Górecki Jr

    Piotr Górecki Jr

    programmer • designer • engineer

  • Kaushal Khamar

    Kaushal Khamar

    Passionate SharePoint, Office365, JavaScript's framework developer, Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Chocolate lover, Passionate innovator

  • Michael Morse

    Michael Morse

    Company Confidential Start-up | Senior Leadership

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