Re-imagining AX Support experience in a cloud-first world: Lifecycle Services Cloud Powered Support

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In my conversations with customers & prospects — the topic of ERP support experience and the associated feelings with it is a recurring topic. Having access to a high quality, efficient and speedy (think minimized days to solution) product support experience when needed — is one of the critical ingredients of a successful ERP implementation.

That context and the fact that we are living in a cloud-first world motivated us to truly re-imagine the traditional business software support experience that has more or less stayed the same for many years . Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) Cloud-Powered Support is the result of that re-imagination effort, leveraging the best of what the cloud enables for this key scenario.

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) (see complete user guide) is an Azure powered cloud based service that currently works with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2/R3 and will for future releases — enabling more speed and predictability across the lifecycle of an implementation.

Last month, the team released a new LCS service (Cloud Powered Support) continuing the monthly cadence of innovative updates. LCS Cloud Powered Support service for Dynamics AX truly leapfrogs the competition when it comes to the end-to-end ERP Support experience as you will see for yourself below.

For the remainder of this post, I will provide more details on common scenarios, a detailed demo walk through, key differentiators and how you can start leveraging Cloud Powered Support for your Dynamics AX implementation right away!

Let’s get started! — video duration: <5min

Common scenarios:

  • Log a new support case through LCS: during any phase of your implementation, you can now click on the “Cloud Powered Support” tile on the LCS Dashboard to log a support case directly from LCS! This applies for both Premier & non-Premier Dynamics AX Customers.
  • Add a repro Azure Virtual Machine to an existing support case through LCS: if you already have a support case open (created over the phone, etc), you can still go and attach a VM repro instance to that case. Be sure to ask your allocated Support engineer if you need any specific help with this.

Differentiated features:

  • As part of the core workflow for Cloud Powered Support, there is the ability to search for the issue (leveraging LCS Issue Search), *before* filling a support incident for it. LCS Issue Search helps you discover previously released hotfixes, workarounds, won’t fix candidates and ‘follow’ fixes in progress reported by other customers. The intent here is to ensure that you only have to log a new incident for a truly unique issue, and if there is already a fix or solution available — get it almost instantaneously!
  • Ability to leverage an automatically created Azure Virtual Machine to reproduce the issue. The Virtual Machine is created in approx. <2 hours with Dynamics AX and relevant updates installed (based on information gathered from your LCS Diagnostics data collectors run on your environment) — complete, but for your business data & unique topology (by design). This becomes a repro platform for the customer, partner and Microsoft to debug and resolve the issue efficiently and in the fastest time possible.
  • Once the issue is resolved or fixed — you will be notified through LCS, and the fix applied on your Azure Virtual Machine. This completes the end-to-end support experience full circle — all within your LCS workspace!


  • Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) Cloud Powered Support is a giant leap forward for the support experience for AX customers. It enables you to receive the most efficient and timely experience (think minimized days to solution) from the Microsoft Support team.
  • Using Cloud Powered Support is easy! See video walk through above to become a believer. Just ensure you have an LCS Project workspace created, Diagnostics service for your AX environments enabled and running on recurring basis.. and you will be ready for logging a support incident, if needed, through LCS Cloud Powered Support.
  • Call to action — be sure to enter your next Dynamics AX support case through the LCS Cloud Powered Support service!


Direct message me on twitter @satishthomas or drop a comment on the LCS Blog.

Hope it helps. -Satish




@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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Satish’s Bytes

Satish’s Bytes

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

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