The new Microsoft Dynamics AX public preview is now LIVE

Today we went live with the public preview of the new Dynamics AX — available now to existing Dynamics customers & partners. It has been amazing journey for the entire Dynamics AX team to reach this milestone. I am humbled to be part of what we believe is a truly transformative release for the ERP industry!

What I’ll cover in this blog post:

  • How you can get started with the public preview of the new Dynamics AX (for existing customers & partners)

Overview of the new Dynamics AX

Before we go into more details, if you would like a quick overview of the new Dynamics AX, I’d highly recommend checking out the below webcast I co-presented to the MSDynamicsWorld community.

Overview of the new Dynamics AX webcast we presented to @MSDynamicsWorld community

Getting started with the new Dynamics AX

If you are an existing Dynamics customer or partner, you can sign-up and deploy the new Dynamics AX , based on our latest development milestone, known as “CTP8” — through Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). Note: This public preview should be used only for evaluation, demo, training and readiness. Production envs must not be deployed using this preview.

Step 1: Dynamics AX “CTP8” Offer sign-up & add users

Your org administrator should click through on the new Dynamics AX “CTP8” offer link and sign up for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX public preview. The specific offer links are available here (behind login-wall for existing customers & partners): PartnerSource, CustomerSource.

Once offer sign-up is completed successfully, you should see the above status.

To add new users through the O365 admin portal — (Admin > add new users). All user persona’s that will be using Dynamics AX need to be added — functional, developer & administrators.

Step 2: Start a new project in Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

Go to and hit “Sign In”
Once you are logged into LCS, hit “+” and create a new project

Step 3: Explore Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS)

LCS is an integral part of the new Dynamic AX and is our industry leading and differentiated “born in the cloud” ALM service. LCS’s role is core to the consumption experience of the new Dynamics AX.. from “cradle to continuous life” as we like to call it — across the discover, define, develop & operate phases of an implementation.

You can start off by reviewing the LCS methodology driven experience, and completing the tasks and phases within it as you progress through the lifecycle of your Dynamics AX implementation.

Try out the LCS methodology driven experience for consuming the new Dynamics AX
Explore additional LCS services we have available now for the Dynamics AX (expect rapid expansion of this in our monthly updates)

For more details on LCS and how to leverage it effectively, be sure to check out our LCS user guide:

Step 4: Deploy new Dynamics AX

Click on the “+” below Environments, and follow the wizard like experience to deploy the new Dynamics AX
Once the deployment is complete, you can navigate to the environment page [directly from LCS project workspace home]— and click on “Login to Dynamics AX”

Step 5: Use away!

The new Dynamics AX client experience

… and that’s it — you are ready to run your business processes. Almost certainly the fastest stand-up of a full blown ERP solution, yet :) Enjoy!

Engage with us and provide feedback:

One of cool features in the new client experience is the ability for end-users to provide in-product contextual feedback — just hit the smiley button at the right top corner and it will land your feedback in our support & internal R&D TFS systems as relevant for one of our Product Managers to triage and follow-up on as needed.

Use the :) button at the top to send us your feedback!

Learn more about the new Dynamics AX:

  • Product help: This is the ultimate resource for all product documentation for the new Dynamics, built by our R&D team — and continuously kept fresh by us + our AX community. Link:
Dynamics AX Help wiki
  • PartnerSource / CustomerSource announcements: on the new Dynamics AX public preview (behind login-wall for existing customers & partners) — CustomerSource | PartnerSource

— “Introducing the new Dynamics AX: An overview
— “Productivity using the new Dynamics AX client
— “Analytics & PowerBI integration in the new Dynamics AX
— “Manufacturing And the new Dynamics AX

Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) new Dynamics AX topic page


Today’s availability of the public preview of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX release is a major milestone in our quest to reinvent business process and productivity in a cloud-first world. And we are only getting started. We are really looking forward to hearing all your feedback!

Drop me a note on twitter @satishthomas or drop a comment on the Dynamics AX Lifecycle Services blog if you have any questions/comments.

Hope it helps. -Satish

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle

@SatishThomas • Group Program Manager @MSFTDynamics • investing & poker enthusiast • from Botswana, now living in Seattle