The new Microsoft Dynamics AX public preview is now LIVE

Overview of the new Dynamics AX

Overview of the new Dynamics AX webcast we presented to @MSDynamicsWorld community

Getting started with the new Dynamics AX

Once offer sign-up is completed successfully, you should see the above status.
Go to and hit “Sign In”
Once you are logged into LCS, hit “+” and create a new project
Try out the LCS methodology driven experience for consuming the new Dynamics AX
Explore additional LCS services we have available now for the Dynamics AX (expect rapid expansion of this in our monthly updates)
Click on the “+” below Environments, and follow the wizard like experience to deploy the new Dynamics AX
Once the deployment is complete, you can navigate to the environment page [directly from LCS project workspace home]— and click on “Login to Dynamics AX”
The new Dynamics AX client experience

Engage with us and provide feedback:

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Learn more about the new Dynamics AX:

Dynamics AX Help wiki
Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) new Dynamics AX topic page




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