Oh really? OK, I have a few questions for you.
Gregory Smith

As it turns out , women and girls can actually have completely different differences across the board. Personally, I like shopping and food and unicorns and mma and karate and i happen to be a black belt. One of guy friends likes pretty much the same stuff. Even though you may not have exposure to girls that like lots of different things and guys that like lots of different things, it is out there. I understand you and have had completely different experiences, and I appreciate your perspective. I’ll add it to my thought process when I’m thinking about things like this. Maybe you could add my experience to your thought process.

See, if everyone did things like that, we would all have different perspectives and we could start to understand others. Sound like a good idea?

Anyway, have a lovely day!

So sorry this was so late, I actually just saw this :).

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