I fell in love with a white man, and I made a lot of black people mad.
Ama McKinley

I will, of course, not pretend like I’ve had your experience. BUT I am mixed. Sometimes I have to respond to the most ignorant questions… “Oh both your grandmothers are white and both of your grandfathers are black? Guess the women in your family like…you know big ;).” NOOOO! Shut up, their my grandparents. So many other offensive questions, people ask who I prefer (what the heck do you even mean by that?), who my favorite race is (can i not choose between my families please?), if I only like lightskins (please who what why what?), or my personal favorite, you’re mixed? was your grandma…you know… *whispers* raped? What the heck? No… I would hope things are better now, but I know that’s a wish. But the fact that you posted this article will open others’ eyes, so I appreciate that.

I hope you the best in your relationship and in your life :).

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