What are we supposed to be in life?
Zahir Muhammad

Told you I was gon debate you little boy…

From what I’ve seen in other’s lives, not really in mine considering I haven’t had that much experience, there are guys that pretend to be “the nice guy” but really end up being a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, for lack of a better term. When that happens, girls* feel like they would rather somebody who is upfront about playing with their hearts. Also, we are taught, by media, that we can fix the bad guy, that if he has a couple good qualities we can squash the bad ones, etcetera. On top of all this, I’ve seen a lot of girls that go for the “nice guy”, so I think that you may be making a broad generalization about girls, but I hope not, best friend😂.

*this is an apology for the very heteronormative paragraph I just wrote, I just don’t want to speak for a group of people that I’m not a part of. So sorry :(.