Female CEO who’s raising two kids with a startup.

6 month ago, I was nominated TiE50 and made a speech.

At the moment I notice that “Asian women CEO” is already very rare in global (not only in Hollywood!). But “Mom CEO” is even more unique.

I am a woman, a mother and a CEO, so I assume that writing about the topic is acceptable.

By talking about myself here, I hope that as many women as possible would be empowered.


Like most business women, of course, I have experiences of sexual harassment.

Highly positioned men will ask startup women CEOs (like me) to take care of guests willingly by inviting them to the hotel after business dinner isn’t rare.

Unfortunately, the #metoo movement doesn’t work so much around me.

Not only that, still many people think women should be housewives because of traditional ideology, so that’s why the Japanese rank of the gender gap is the worst in G7. (Referrer).

My major was atomic physics, and I got a master as well. But some people asked me what women will do with physics?


We are fixed on the idea that women need to do most of the things for raising kids and housework.

I think it is not only Japan because at nursery school, some parents are not Japanese, but just mothers are picking up kids even if they’re working.

Do you know “Ikumen”?

In Japan, we call a father who helps his family “Ikumen” like brings his kids to park once week or washing dishes once a month.

Even if his wife is also working.

My Conclusion

The most troublesome problem is that I think my 2 years daughter must be wanting and waiting to be with her mom every day.By keeping her in nursery school, it makes me feel sorry for her every day.

And, I feel sorry for my employees as well because I need to go back home before 6 pm every day to make dinner for kids, even if everyone else works until 7 pm.

Thanks to that, I have come to work efficiently because of every minute is very precious to me.

It seems like most of the men don’t feel anything if they go out on a business trip a few days. But for me, if I don’t make any result, I will be just a bad mother who left my kids in Japan that had no results and made nothing.

I trust this feeling will make women stronger even in business.

Empower working mothers!!



Co-founder & CEO @ Spider Labs (https://spider-labs.com/intl/en) and Ramen freak.

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