👨🎨🖌 Junique

Satori Canton🧸
3 min readMay 31, 2024

We’re thrilled to introduce “Junique,” our exciting new theme for June at StyleGuideAI! Every day this month, we’ll dive into a unique art technique, exploring and celebrating the endless possibilities of creativity. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, “Junique” is the perfect opportunity to expand your artistic horizons and experiment with new methods.

Throughout June, each day will feature a specific “magic word” or art technique, guiding us in creating mesmerizing AI artwork. From the intricate lines of Cross-Hatching to the vibrant textures of Impasto, and from the dreamy effects of Sfumato to the dramatic contrasts of Chiaroscuro, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

We’re not just creating art; we’re building a community. Join us as we share our daily creations, exchange tips and tricks, and inspire one another. Your masterpieces could be featured in our gallery, showcasing the diverse talents within our group.

Ready to get started? Check out the full “Junique” calendar below and prepare to unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to join our StyleGuideAI Discord group to stay connected, share your work, and be part of this fantastic journey.

  1. Cross-Hatching — Use intersecting lines to create texture and shading.
  2. Impasto — Apply paint thickly to create texture on the canvas.
  3. Sfumato — Blend colors and tones for a soft, smoky effect.
  4. Chiaroscuro — Use strong contrasts between light and dark to model forms.
  5. Glazing — Apply transparent layers of paint to achieve depth and luminosity.
  6. Grisaille — Create a monochrome painting in shades of grey to simulate sculpture.
  7. Sgraffito — Scratch through the top layer of paint to reveal underlying layers or the canvas.
  8. Pointillism — Apply small, distinct dots of color in patterns to form an image.
  9. Trompe l’oeil — Create optical illusions that depict objects in three dimensions.
  10. Underpainting — Apply an initial layer of paint as a base for subsequent layers.
  11. Wash — Use a thin, transparent layer of paint or ink to create a uniform area of color.
  12. Dry Brush — Use a dry brush with minimal paint to achieve a scratchy, textured effect.
  13. Palette Knife Painting — Apply paint with a palette knife for a textured effect.
  14. En Plein Air — Paint outdoors to capture the landscape and natural light.
  15. Ink Resist — Use a resist technique to create texture and contrast with ink.
  16. Marbling — Create swirls and patterns by floating paint on a fluid surface.
  17. Gold Leaf — Apply gold leaf for embellishment and highlights.
  18. Fresco — Paint on freshly laid wet plaster for a durable mural.
  19. Decalcomania — Press paint between two surfaces to create a textured effect.
  20. Photorealism — Create paintings that resemble high-resolution photographs.
  21. Drip Painting — Allow paint to drip onto the canvas for an organic, fluid effect.
  22. Stippling — Use dots of varying sizes and densities to create shading and texture.
  23. Action Painting — Use vigorous, sweeping brush strokes or throw paint directly onto the canvas.
  24. Collage — Assemble different forms to create a new whole.
  25. Mixed Media — Combine various artistic media for a multi-dimensional effect.
  26. Paper Cutting — Create designs by cutting and removing paper.
  27. Monotype Printing — Create a print by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface.
  28. Silkscreen Printing — Use a mesh to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.
  29. Batik — Use wax to create resist designs on fabric, then dye it.
  30. Ebru (Turkish Marbling) — Create patterns by floating color on the surface of a thick liquid and then transferring it to paper.

Let’s make June a month of artistic discovery and innovation together. We can’t wait to see the incredible art you’ll create with us!