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These are words lost in cyberspace, to the one that I loved. And one brief moment of timeless space, loved me.

Seemingly Unrelated Ideas:

A Saucerful Of Secrets, Curious Alice
technology for exploring nonordinary states of consciousness
in order to accomplish specific purposes:
healing, divination, and communication with the spirit realm
connor bell
The elves are there,
Behind the wall,
Weaving the fabric of reality
this was a true effort to bend the boundaries of art, to create new permission
permission really for the unthinkable

The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness,

but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen.

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Hey, the apple of my past infinite eye

How is life treating you?

Whats going on in your weird wild world?

It seems you were having some issues with a stalker in the trenches of Cyberia, whats up with that?

Besides that hows life treating you?

You may have forgotten this, but I always like to rant and rave,

and listen to strange, wild tales.

Am trying to think if I got any weird wild tales to share

There has been drama, but it’s silly and petty,

I really don’t care for it.

It seems like drama might be written in the sky for this time and space,

but this too shall past.

Things seem to progress, only to slow down and regress.

The world is a strangely beautiful place,

full of emptiness, pain, heartache,

bliss, joy, and laughs.

You know the cosmic giggles have been pulling hard on me lately,

my dreams speak of the future,

but only to show me petty minor details

my dreams speak of the past

but only of the strange lost archetypes of hyperspace

my dreams speak of the present

but only of cyberdelic present

and the strange rambling of a confused drunk,

The Gods must be high,

and they don’t seem to be smoking that good shit either.

For reason, I can’t ever seem to figure out.

Have ever told you about the jinn, or shadow beings,

that visit me at night

from time to time,

they always play mean

tricks on me.

I try not to feed them,

but one time they whispered in my ear

“Your lucky to have a God”

This was some moons ago when my young mind thought

but I don’t even believe in God!

some kind of Chinese riddle, that I have yet to figure out

but just the other night something came

to my awareness

to shade some light

While pulling out of a sleep state I have a conversation

with my higher self who informs me:

“I’m learning as much as you are.”

Ahhh, so our backwards parody reality

is a learning experience on multiple levels.

I think the fact the “gods” are just as clueless as we are

is something that would shake most.

I find it a bit empowering.

This world is, in fact, a bunch of idiots trying

to figure their shit out so they can progress?

That’s why it’s so insane. Gotcha.

Seems about right, now life and reality

is both a comedy and drama

I am a hopeless romantic (as you tragically know)

I stare into the abyss, and can’t help but just laugh and laugh

but on rare nights I do got to admit,

I cry, I cry and I die, I die

but there is every now and then

it’s good to cleanse yourself with the tears of reality.

but I just find it funnier to laugh at the horror and beauty of everything

now never forget my friend, that as much as shit and pain there is

there is the same exact amount of bliss and joy

and it’s just our silly human minds, for survival reason

stores the pain, in the easy access memory.

“…an optimistic mind-set finds dozens
of possible solutions for every problem
that the pessimist regards as incurable.” 
Robert Anton Wilson

Now time to pull the cosmic trigger

but under the full moon, I still dance to bring up the sun

and every now and then I crack a smile

and remember telling you,

to do a Moondance

and you thought me a fool

which is so very much true

I am a cosmic tragic fool

but I still dance to the songs of eternity

to the heartbeat of the universe.

because there is nothing else to do.

I hope these words find you well my friend,

and never forget there is always someone just a keystroke away

still behind some screen, just wait for his partner in cyberspace

to have some laughs, fights, heart to hearts

and just being silly with

with a full heart, Satori