Ecology of Ideas: Digital Centralized Authority

In Douglas Rushkoff’s Algorithms: Killing Jobs, Narrowing Our Personalities. He opens up with “ What people have to remember is that the object of industrialism wasn’t to make more stuff better and faster, it was to disconnect labor from the value they created.”

Douglas Ruskoff goes on to say “ You fast forward to today when we implement digital technologies we try to do them in ways that get rid of people. We don’t want employees.” Stock Holders and Cooperate Companies, are extracting resources and value from the ecosystem of all life. Externalizing the cost to everybody else.

Now with companies like Facebook and what am going to term as ‘Old World’ platforms with their business models and Algorithms are creating a disconnect between content creators and the value they create. Essentially creating digital slaves, and worst along with data mining, they are Digital Traffickers selling off your digital identity to the highest bidder. Extracting your individual expression, creativity and soul for their profit, and your the one paying the cost. These “Old world” digital companies are destroying the digital ecosystem, the ecology of ideas.

A centralized authority in any hierarchical organization can be defined in computer terms as a Single Point of Failure(SPoF); if its functioning is not optimal, the whole system and its participants will be negatively affected by it. This is at the root of the problem of all this digital centralized authorities they are simply not functioning optimally. They are based on outdated, obsolete philosophy, network structures, and business models. But what if there was a way in which we get rid of the managers, the middle men and the centralized power?

Decentralization aims to reduce or prevent such concentration of power and it is a fundamental condition for citizens to achieve political efficacy, equality, transparency, and freedom. Open Source and Decentralization is the progression and evolution of everything. Its not because it is Good and Right, and the “Old World” is Bad and Wrong, which it is, but because it is more effective way of doing things. Essential making their “Old World” methods obsolete. What makes me confident to say such a bold statement?

Because Nature, Life and Reality, is decentralized and it has evolved a perfectly stable system for novelty and growth for far longer then we humans have came onto the scene. We are making it back to ourselves, we are creating technology and software for life and humanity, instead of what we have been doing creating life and humanity for technology. This is going to take a whole shift in a way we think. We either work this all together or suffer all together, and perhaps don’t branch out any longer on the evolutionary tree.

What is one of these“New World” Platforms on the horizon, that will set the standard and hopefully bring back homeostasis to the digital ecosystem? Synereo; “a next-gen decentralized and distributed social network designed for an attention economy… Our goal is to make our users more effective agents by presenting social content that is relevant and actionable based on the user’s own estimation of value…relationship between attention, value, and social agency in order to motivate the central mechanisms for content flow on the network…a network model showing the mechanics of the network interactions, as well as the compensation model enabling users to promote content on the network and receive compensation for attention given to the network.” — Synereo: The Decentralized and Distributed Social Network

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