Weeknotes S2 E3

A week of JavaScript

Moths. They can really play.

Five things that happened

(no warranty is supplied concerning the number of things that happened)

  1. I took some data through QGIS into leaflet and onto a nice webpage. It was not hard but it was a bit fiddly. After a lot of fiddling I got it all lined up nicely and realised that there was an error in my source dataset. So I did it it all over again and it didn’t work. So I did it, VERY CAREFULLY, one more time and it both worked and had the correct data in it.
    I now fear this may be a very disappointing map (you get to find out next week). Mind you I was reminded of how great leaflet is. And I wrote myself a set-by-step guide in RealTimeBoard so I shouldn’t get into this pickle again
  2. Liam Mcconnachie plunged into sigma.js This looks cool and meant that we had an excuse to spin up a box just to play with node things. It made me think that sometimes I know some things. Sadly we couldn’t get the kit production-ready in time for him to share the LocalGovDigitalFund ecosystem as a network map so he’s had to fall back on the tried and trusted JavaScript GEXF Viewer for Gephi for the moment. This was a good piece of work involving a lot of data munging he’s written it up here. Perhaps a gentle reminder to our MHCLG colleagues of the usefulness of unique identifiers in all things would be in order :-)
  3. I went to the Data.Cymru National Intelligence Event. This was a good conference which I plan to write up all on its own. It was great to catch up with Rob Ashelford and Noreen Blanluet amongst others and to find more people trying to make open data work for Wales. Data.Cymru are really enthusiastic about helping improve the availability and use of open data in Wales and I’m really excited to work with them.
  4. I wrote a post about encouragement vs praise specifically in the context of business intelligence and performance teams. This has failed to set the Internet alight. Though I think its a really important area. This is a common pattern. When I write things that I regard as really significant no-one cares (Moths and organisational culture anyone?). Picture of my dog (I’m not giving you a link), viral as anything.
  5. I (just) wrote a long post for a client about how to measure the success of a new campaign in Google Analytics and had a good chat yesterday about the relative merits of Tableau, PowerBI, datastudio, Klipfolio, plot,ly and D3.js, I spent this morning talking about process vs data. I might be kidding myself but I do feel like the UK public sector has reached some sort of tipping point where data has become a priority…

Next week

We’ll publish our (quite interesting) report into the use of local authority websites in Wales and start asking councils in South West England for some data. Watch this space…

We have the next ODI-Cardiff Data Jelly. Be there or be square (and not wobbly)

We have our monthly team meeting. The one day in the month when we all gather in the same physical space. Is monthly too frequent we ask ourselves?

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