Introducing Satori

Today I am proud to announce the public beta launch of Satori. The world’s only free, live open data platform. To kick things off, we’re offering over $1 million dollars in cash for developers to publish open data on Satori, then build the Most Impactful Live Open Data Channel.

Why? Because the world of open data needs to change. Right now there is a trove of open, public data available all over the world. But instead of being able to realize its potential, that data is at-rest on a variety of disparate websites across the internet.

By coalescing the world’s open data into streaming live data and making it available for free, we’ll be able to see new solutions to big problems and ideas that haven’t even been thought of yet.

With Satori, any developer with a computer, anywhere in the world can create a free account and have unlimited access to live open data to build the live data apps.

For open data publishers, Satori moves the data out of the silos it currently lives in and makes it available as continuously streaming live data. Suddenly, open data publishers go from having just a small pool of developers working with their data to potentially having every developer in the world creating apps for them — all at no cost.

The Satori $1,000,000 Live Open Data Challenge

We’re challenging developers all around the world to republish open data feeds and create the Most Interesting Live Open Data Channel. This 90-day contest requires developers to republish open data feeds on Satori and create the Most Impactful Live Data Channel. First place is $500,000, $250,000 for second place, and $100,000 for third place. There will also be 10 Honorable Mention prizes of $15,000 each. Winning channels will showcase the speed and scale of Satori in unique ways, have the potential to positively impact people’s lives, are scalable, and are built for widespread use. Just like all existing live data channels, the winning channels will be available for free for the entire world to build apps.

More to come

In the coming months we will roll out other aspects of the live data ecosystem that will not only enhance the platform for developers and data publishers, both public and private, but entirely change the way the world experiences data.

If you’re a developer I encourage you to go to now and create a free account. Then start republishing open data and create the most impactful live data channel you can dream up.

Gabe Leydon

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