Hi! I’m a CS student at Diablo Valley College in Concord. I work for Waygo as a NLP engineer intern working on expanding the machine translation program. Besides that, I do some projects for fun and here I put them.


TipIt is an app that simply calculate tip amounts written in swift. The features I implemented are

  • animations
  • currency based on locations
  • theme color
  • save the bill

I put what were challenging through building the app on this repo and also the full gifs for each features. See the repo for the details.


Solidpaper is an app that allows you to get a variety of colors of wallpapers written in Objective-C. I made it infinite loop.

It is on the App Store.


Jissen is an app that allows you to search tweets with keywords written in Objective-C.

I have implemented the following.

  • Twitter Rest API
  • Core Data

Take a look at the repo for the details.

Fem tech berkeley workshop

I hosted a workshop for iOS development for beginners at Fem Tech UC Berkeley. We, 20 of us, learned how to start a Xcode project, how to build the basic UI, and how to write code to make the UI work through building a simple app by ourselves. See the written walkthrough for the details.

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