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We’re thrilled to announce that Trezor is coming to Miami for the Bitcoin 2021 conference!

We’ll be presenting some of the pretty sweet features that are coming up on our roadmap, so you don’t want to miss out. Luckily, we’ve got a great deal that will help get you there.

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Learn about crypto

Smart contracts can be simple, like a Bitcoin payment layer. Or they can be complex, like a decentralized app running on the Ethereum blockchain. In their most basic form, they are programmed contracts that trigger automatically when their outlined conditions are met.

Smart contracts are designed to take the traditional intermediaries that help us form binding agreements in the real world and replace them with code. The concept of a smart contract predates Bitcoin. They were first outlined by cryptographer Nick Szabo back in 1996, in an article titled Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Markets.

Per his definition, a…

Earth Day Special

By Josef Tětek, contributor to Trezor blog

Tired of your nocoiner friends & family shaming you for hodling bitcoin, by playing the ecology trump card? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a distillation of the strongest counterarguments to this common Bitcoin critique.

It’s always good to reference those who’ve really put in the legwork . And when it comes to the Bitcoin energy debate, few have gone further than Castle Island’s Nic Carter. In the past couple of weeks alone, Carter published three major texts on the topic of the ecological impact of Bitcoin mining:

Learn about crypto

By Jack Filiba, contributor to Trezor blog

Finding your footing amidst the spectacle that surrounds cryptocurrencies can be extremely daunting. It’s an industry that moves at a mile a minute, with new projects constantly emerging that seem to dominate public discourse.

This guide will serve as a way of helping you make sense of the cryptocurrency industry. It is targeted at helping both newcomers and experienced individuals develop a healthy attitude towards skepticism and cautious optimism.

While it may feel like crypto has already taken off, you haven’t missed the boat

It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling like cryptocurrencies have taken off without you. Alongside the spotlight that altcoins are thrown into every time the price of…

Industry News

By Josef Tětek, SatoshiLabs

We’ve been bombarded for weeks now by analyses, opinion pieces and hot takes on Coinbase going public. Some praise the move, saying “we are all Coinbase now”, while others rightly point out the spotty relationship the exchange has had with Bitcoin.

While the company is undoubtedly one of the largest and most significant in the space, it can hardly be said to be a proponent of Bitcoin’s values. Let’s take a look at three reasons that Coinbase’s listing is barely being celebrated by members of the core community.

1. Coinbase holds surprisingly little bitcoin, doesn’t work as a bitcoin proxy stock

According to the public SEC filing, Coinbase holds only 4,487 bitcoin. While…

Product Update

The latest version of Trezor Suite beta, version 21.4.1, is now available. From this month onward, updates will be delivered securely through the Trezor Suite desktop application. Installing these updates is optional. Users who have already updated Trezor Suite to version 21.2.1 or later can choose to install the latest version the next time they open Trezor Suite.

If you are currently using an older version of Trezor Suite, you should uninstall it and then download the update directly from the Trezor Suite landing page, …

Learn about bitcoin

By Jack Filiba, contributor to Trezor blog

One of the most commonly praised features of Bitcoin is the fact that its underlying technology stores immutable information about transactions. When money is sent or received on the Bitcoin blockchain, relevant details are publicly viewable and impervious to change. Less attention, however, is given to the fact that blockchains can also store permanent and uncensorable messages.

Since Bitcoin is not controlled by a single ruling entity and is not vulnerable to a single point of failure, messages stored on its blockchain cannot be censored or deleted. The network is decentralized and maintained by users all over the world who…

We’re sorry to announce that this much-anticipated project will sadly not be going ahead. Much like the Trezor Scooter, as much as we’d love to make waves in the gaming industry, we’ve got too many other big ambitions on our roadmap.

Do feel free to read on and dream of what could have been. We promise not to fool around again —until next year!

Hardware wallets are great for crypto, but research shows that 80% of users feel it’s just not fun enough to have a highly secure device protecting their crypto for the long term. …

Wherever you are in the world, there’s a good chance that you’re expected to pay tax on any money you’ve made from buying and trading cryptocurrencies. You might even be surprised to find that your government wants you to pay up for hodling, staking, or even gifting coins to someone else. Tax is one of the few tools governments have for striking back at Bitcoin, so make sure you’re not caught blindsided.

The common misconception that Bitcoin is anonymous stems from the fact that transaction tracing came much later than the network itself, meaning many early adopters enjoyed stacking and…

Every year, millions of dollars worth of bitcoin and other digital assets are lost. In most circumstances, these coins cannot be retrieved and permanently exit the currency’s circulating supply. More often than not, lost coins can be traced back to user error, so let’s take a look at how to avoid costly mistakes.

Where the missing coins go

Unlike fiat currencies like the US dollar, Bitcoin was designed to have a limited supply. While more bank notes can always be printed by the Federal Reserve, new bitcoin cannot be issued once all 21 million coins have been mined.

Lost and destroyed Bitcoin further shrinks the…


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