The king is dead, long live the king!

Jun 9, 2015 · 2 min read

Most of you know our project coinmap, which over the time became the most popular way for people to discover where to spend bitcoins. It also became a de facto standard for journalists wanting to document the Bitcoin adoption rate worldwide.

Probably much smaller group of you know that the whole project was conceived during just one weekend as a simple proof of concept built on top of OpenStreetMap API. Unfortunately, its creator Stick did not have more time to work on coinmap improvements, because of his 100% involvement in TREZOR. This caused the development of coinmap to be stalled for quite some time.

The situation has changed recently, because of our new hire Peter, who spend his last weeks rebuilding coinmap completely from scratch using modern technologies. This allowed us to focus on great user experience on mobile devices, which was requested by many of you. Another wanted feature was the ability to add/modify venues directly in coinmap, without having to register at OpenStreetMap. We also added a nice and intelligent full-text search and the possibility to rate and report venues.

Don’t hesitate anymore and try out the new king at!

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