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Today, PayPal announced that they will be launching a cryptocurrency digital wallet for buying, selling and storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. This confirms rumors which circulated earlier this year, and it is seen as a significant milestone by many in the community. A milestone it may be, but it will impact millions of daily users who have, until now, never considered getting into cryptocurrency. For them, PayPal will be the leading authority in a space that it has long sought to discredit.

Over 221 Billion dollars were transacted in Q2 of 2020 using Paypal. That represents a rise of 10% in volume in just six months. PayPal is growing and dominating online payments as well as other services such as credit and insurance. It has a long-established reputation of occasionally freezing user funds and censoring payments that conflict with its outlook but the payments giant continues to hold relevance where Bitcoin should have long overtaken it. …

Trezor Suite, brought to you by SatoshiLabs
Trezor Suite, brought to you by SatoshiLabs

An all-new desktop app for Trezor hardware wallets, Trezor Suite, is now in public beta and available to download and test. More than a wallet interface, Trezor Suite is a growing ecosystem of tools that make it easier to use your device to its full potential. Visit the dedicated Trezor Suite page to download and install it on your computer.

Trezor Suite should bring many improvements to make using your wallet an even safer, boundless experience. New users will be more comfortable, with advanced features made more user-friendly so everyone can take control of their coins.

Participating in the Suite public beta will help make Trezor more capable and more responsive, so please leave as much feedback as possible. Below, you will find answers to some initial questions you may have about Suite. …

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Today we released a new firmware update for the Trezor Model T, firmware version 2.3.4. This is a small functional upgrade adding the necessary firmware support to ensure a seamless transition when Monero undergoes a hard fork (HF13) later this month, on October 17th 2020.

This firmware update is not compulsory and is recommended only if you use Monero (XMR) with your Trezor. Visit your Trezor wallet to download the firmware now.

What is the Monero Hard Fork?

A hard fork is a way to upgrade blockchain software, according to shared consensus. On some networks, this sometimes results in coins being duplicated as the older blockchains continue to be maintained, known as a ‘contentious’ fork. …



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