Learn about crypto

By Josef Tětek— Don’t give away sensitive data if you don’t need to. Buy Bitcoin without risking identity theft using this guide.


Quick refresh: what is KYC

If you’re already familiar with KYC/AML definitions and risks, feel free to jump ahead to the next section.

Bitcoin security tips

Learn how app scams work so you can protect yourself and your crypto. Get a Trezor hardware wallet today.

Product updates

Update to the latest version by following the prompts in the Trezor Suite app.

Bitcoin Commentary

Decentralized digital money has today become legal tender in a country whose economy is dependent on remittances.

Bitcoin security tips

Keeping your recovery seed safe will ensure access to your funds no matter what happens.

Learn about Bitcoin

On SegWit’s 4th anniversary, the hard-won benefits are clear to see.


Open source technology is at odds with venture capital funding

Product updates

Install version 21.8.1 from within the Trezor Suite desktop app.

What’s new in Trezor Suite 21.8.1?

Spanish beta

Thanks to the effort of a dedicated contributor, FrankyFFV, Trezor Suite can now be used in Spanish, bringing us closer to the many Trezor users in Spain…

Crypto regulation

Crypto regulations buried deep in an unrelated bill highlight the need for self custody.

Bitcoin security tips

Keep assets under your control with a Trezor hardware wallet.


Innovating since we founded the industry in 2013 with production of the first crypto hardware wallet, the Trezor One. Open-source, secure, community-driven.

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