The ‘Art for Crypto’ Experiment

Satoshi Picasso
Sep 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Bitcoin, the Symbol. Original, by Satoshi Picasso, aug 2018

I am Satoshi Picasso, an artist from Eastern Europe who loves the fundamental ideas behind bitcoin and blockchain in general.

Satoshi Picasso is the pseudonym I chose (in case it’s not obvious it’s a pseudonym) as the best representation of my two major interests: crypto and art. The reason for chosing a pseudonym instead of using my real name is the fact that usually art sells because of artist’s name and not for its original purpose: its beauty. I want these pictures to be appreciated for the ideas behind them, for what they represent and, of course, for how they look and make you feel. I don’t want my real name to play any role in the aquisition decision. Satoshi Nakamoto’s real name doesn’t play any role in people’s desire to hold bitcoins either.

Art Meets Blockchain. The Experiment.

I’ll do a limited set of paintings (less than 100). Their price will be increasingly higher. The more are sold, the higher the price will be for the next one.

Even though the original paintings will be increasingly expensive, the author rights for the images will be free. Anybody will be able to take the high resolution images of a painting and do whatever they want with it: print it on mugs, on phone cases, on t-shirts, on bedsheets. Anything. For free.

The Blockchain Advantage.

  1. All the paintings are recorded on the blockchain. The above painting, for which you can find more details on my official website, is already registered on codexprotocol.
  2. All the paintings are sold exclusively for crypto. I haven’t decided on an end to end sale process yet. I‘m open for suggestions, feel free to contact me if you have any ideas on how to do this as trustless as possible.
  3. Once a painting is sold, it will be delivered and its ownership will be transferred to the new owner’s provided ETH address using codexprotocol’s website. They’ll be able to prove to anybody that they’re the rightful owners of the painting.

Given I just started this, every clap, share and follow will be greatly appreciated. Even more so your opinions and feedback :)

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