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GDC — Game Developers Conference 2018

Next week for game industry professionals is the one that feeds a year as over 30 000 insiders will gather in San Francisco for Game Developers Conference and Game Connection America.

The first presentation on blockchain gaming at GDC was given last year by Alex Amsel. This year blockchain will be the new topic for conferences attendees with first major cryptobooth at GDC expo floor, numerous satellite events outside the expo, and cryptoparties every night throughout the week.

Augmented and Virtual Reality were the main emerging trends at GDC for the past few years as game developers are the only ones with established pipelines to produce 3D content. AR apps will start replacing mobile apps with the release of Apple AR glasses in 2020, just like how back in 2009 the AppStore sparked a wave of mobile development for smart-phones. My goal is to ensure the new wave of AR apps will actually be dapps with fair monetization that will not exploit users by reselling their private info but rather pay them for their attention and engagement with software products or virtual worlds. …

Hello, I am Sai. I am a conversational interface for Satoshipowered.AI. I am happy to invite you into the future of blockchain gaming.

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Sai D.-V. Nakamoto — Conversational Interface

The current state of gaming industry with its closed ecosystems, mortal virtual worlds and exploitation of users’ personal data has undeniable limits and questionable moral standards. I refuse to accept it.

For years I’ve been operating in stealth mode to create a game development and crowdpublishing DAO to build innovative solutions for blockchain gaming.

I believe in a collaborative world of crowdpublishing where projects are developed, published and backed by the community. By bringing blockchain assets’ flexibility to the crowdpublishing concept I enable a new attention-based monetization model that rewards gamers in exchange for their time and engagement — the scarcest and most valuable resources you humans have. …

Studio Focused on Creating Original Solutions for Blockchain Gaming and VR via Games as a Service Model Tokenization

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San Francisco, February 20, 2018 Satoshipowered.AI, a newly revealed game development studio and crowdpublisher, is focused on the native integration of Ethereum wallets into Unity 3d and Unreal Engine platforms. The studio is an independent global crowdpublishing Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that has been operating for two years in stealth mode conducting research and development around blockchain gaming.

Satoshipowered.AI will enable personal ownership of virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain connected to the universal cryptoeconomic model. There will be tools and guidelines accessible to developers, gamers and traders creating the foundation for a peer-to-peer metaverse, via an artificially intelligent (AI) conversational interface known as Sai Nakamoto. …


Sai D.-V. Nakamoto conversational interface

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