Taking pictures

What I really like about street photography is the normalization of the cinematic image. It is far to common to observe people in films looking cinematic, in the right lighting, at the right placement and it’s borderline absurd sometimes.

Better Call Saul, a drama series that I absolutely adore, does this but never makes it feel over the top. The lighting is always just right and feels natural.

Recently, I mean yesterday, I just took my camera out to try street photography. Not consciously. I didn’t decide that I was going to go around capturing people. I just wanted to take pictures. I have been editing a lot recently, and as part of that job, I am also fixing the edit for a friend’s documentary and some of the shots in there are quite beautiful and stitching them together to create a poetic moment has been quite fun.

That’s when I realised I have not taken pictures in a long time. I like taking pictures. When I do, it’s just me and the camera and every thing I see through it. Everything else gets blocked out. I am focused on just the shot.

And so I took my camera out and started taking pictures wherever I went, and as it turns out, a lot of it was in the streets. And what I learned is that everything is practically cinematic, if framed right and shot at the right moment. Films merely extend this.

I didn’t get many cinematic shots or whatsoever but I enjoyed the time I had with my camera.

My girlfriend is featured in a lot of these pictures as she was around and having a subject was really nice.

But the picture I am posting here is not a shot of her or anything. It’s a shot I took later at night when I was practising slow-shutter. It’s a building, stitched together across 5 slow-shutter shots.

More of these pictures will become available on my instagram later this week.

I will be deleting the .psd file since it’s 1.64GB which is insane.

Okay so medium is not allowing me to upload the image.

Oh well.

Sorry. Thank you.

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