Untitled #3

I read this brilliant article that repeats the age-old argument that fame/money etc are the indicators of success but it was so succinctly put that the article stands out from the rest.

It is the burden that we carry from growing up within a modern society. Everyone is material-centric and it’s not particularly anyone’s fault. It’s a system that we have created and a system that continues to create us.

The article proposes that what makes a worthy life are in fact our intrinsic values; wiseness, kindness and etc.

It’s made me reflect my perspective on writing. I have always written selfishly. I am developing a feature film that I am writing for myself. And there is no harm in that except for maybe its probably a very stupid thing to do. There is no worth in writing or creating something that is not intended to be utilised by anyone else. It is a selfish act, and it all boils down to the fact that the piece is merely a utility to stroke our own ego.

And that is what I have been doing.

What I most like about my non-fiction essay Bhenchod, which was recently published is that it is a personal story of me overcoming the loss of my father but it is also a reflective piece, in which readers have told me how it has affected them, their perspectives and life.

My aim is to pursue that school of thought.

Perhaps that is what I am doing with these Untitled series on Medium.

The article I so heavily mentioned in the post – https://qz.com/990163/t-shows-its-a-big-mistake-to-base-our-self-worth-on-our-professional-achievements/

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