Coffee talk

Men are never satisfied

Friday always be a blessed day for us. Its somewhat sunny at morning and cloudy at noon when we came up for prayer. Only God knows why He would do Friday like this. I always thankful that He always give me easier access to worship Him at friday.

Like any other Friday, im about to meet up my fiancée. Yesterday I texted her to came to Senopati to enjoy coffee and dinner. So about her. Since that night i never text her again. Because i set my line clear and i get long schedules to get done. But this morning I feel like i need to text her only to say hi and hope goodluck. Im texting her and she responded quickly. I nearly lost all my routine schedules by texting her. Its so interesting and i think I’m lost my lines. Laugh if you wanted to. But thats happen. I still dont know how she would satisfy my lust to text. Im telling you. The devil always get me, dont know why.

So, we texted until afternoon and im telling her we should meet. I ask where she lives, apparently its near my house. So we agreed to meet at coffee shop at a mall near her house at sunday. So i catch my fiancée this afternoon after texting her. We talked, we do lots of laugh and recheck our wedding plan. Everything was good and we though nothing stopping us from our plan. We get a good dinner and saying goodbye earlier than before. Its only 9pm. But our date was over and i run her to her house. And im still not telling her that im going to meet someone that i never know before. Am i wrong? Totally wrong.

So i text her along the way back home. Its has more depth than before. We talked lots of things like our hobby, our interest, our way of thinking and knowing each other like someone who fall in love. Especially her. I don’t know why she so intensively talk to me like she likes me. But im still on control. Im talking to her like we are friends. And im still not telling her im going to marry this year. So we texted everything that we could. From A to Z.

Time has come. Im going to see her. I pick my best clothes that i have. Its more that an hour to pick a clothes. I mix match everything. I want to be at my best look today. Finally pick my best flannel, indigo jeans, a doc mart and army cap. Setting my iPod playlist to play Tame Impala. Its like i became college student again. So i drive my motorcycle to the mall with my heart beat so fast. Don’t know what would happen. I rode my bike slowly hope she get there first. But apparently she late. So i sat at sushi bar. While eating my lunch. I tell her I’m right here waiting for her. And.. she came. Different from what i thought before and i met before. So beautiful. So elegant. Frankly, I’m fall in love.

With my heart beating fast like machine gun, i tell her to sit and pick a food. We ate together. Not much to talk about. Im just freezing like hell. And we go to the coffee shop. We talk about everything. Like where i came from and whats my story and she do so. She talked that she just landed in Jakarta while looking for jobs. From the way she look she’s came from good family and well educated. My angels come and tell me this is not right. But i don’t care i keep pushing forward. Im telling her i had interest in adventure. And she responded very clear that she would do an adventure with me. would you resist if a woman tell you so? I think none can resist.

That coffee shop was very sacred until now. Im still remember where she sat and what we talked. Its looping memory that i thought hard to erase even years has been gone its still in my head.