Find your Blindness level

Just because you have eyes and are reading this article does not mean that you are not blind. Those who are not awake to the reality of Oneness are Blind. There are levels to this Blindness. If you are not yet enlightened, read this article to get a sense of where you are on the Blindness scale, and what to do about it.

Level 1 : Darkness

The primitive human condition is established in darkness. In this case, the person just lives his / her life just as an animal would do. Eat, drink, sleep, reproduce and die. This layer is immersed in ignorance and does not even know that they are immersed in ignorance.

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Level 2 : Blinding Darkness

This is the group that knows that there is something more to life. They have a sense that they are trapped in ignorance but they carry an “I don’t care” attitude about it. These are the ones that worship ignorance and get into tiredness and boredom, and unable are unwilling to move further.

Level 3 : Greater than Blinding Darkness

This group is the one established in half-knowledge. Knowledge that is intellectual but which has not become an established experience. They have spent time with certain concepts and have not aligned their life to those concepts. This is more dangerous than Level 2. This group worship knowledge but which is incomplete. They won’t have tiredness or boredom. They will be very active, but in the wrong direction.

How does one fall into Level 3?

Familiarity breeds contempt. Even with the idea you are pure consciousness, if you are acquainted and are thinking about it a lot, but you never made that as your cognition, you never transformed your life, you never aligned your life to the truth, then slowly, slowly, slowly, you think what you are living and doing is much better than normal people who don’t even know they are Consciousness.

So with this justification, the worship of imperfect knowledge, the incomplete knowledge starts.

The danger of non-practice

How much ever you may know about yoga, swimming or surgery, unless you DO, you won’t have the result. Knowing but not doing, the non-practice, that’s the most difficult mental setup. Once you acquire that, your whole life is gone. Listening to the concept but not living them, is most dangerous. Once that mental setup comes to you, anything that is presented to you will be brushed aside.

How to avoid this trap?

When you are driven by your greed or fear, constantly you will reinvent yourself. If you are in love with a girl, how constantly you will reinvent yourself to demonstrate your love to her or impress her; if you are afraid of your wife, how constantly you will reinvent yourself to save yourself or to escape from her. When the fear and greed is there, how you constantly reinvent yourself, re-strategize yourself, do the same out of inspiration on the great truths from Upanishads. Do the same. Reinvent and re-strategize based on Upanishadic principles constantly.

Reinvent and Re-strategize your life

Re-strategizing your whole life with the truth “I am Consciousness” means not being pushed by stupid fears and greed, but being pushed only by tremendous joy, inspiration, happiness, bliss, fulfilment, and completion.

If your fuel is only completion and inspiration, you are blessed. Reinventing and re-strategizing your life will make you flow more and more, make you alive more and more. It will break the parts of you which is frozen and make them alive again.

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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