You sentenced yourself to Ignorance

Upanishads declare that “knowledge” is the default condition for who we are. Any ignorance then is a function of us inviting that into our lives. This article deals with how we create ignorance and how to come out of such self-created ignorance.

Pure Science

The 8th verse of the Isavasya Upanishad states that we are devoid of the dirt of ignorance. Know that Upanishads know us more than we know ourselves.

What needs to be done?

You are devoid of dirt of ignorance. But if you think that you are still ignorant in some space, somewhere, in something, if you say, ‘I don’t know about that,’ then you need to get to the bottom of when you started uttering, ‘I don’t know’, when you started declaring ignorance.

When did I declare ignorance?

Ignorance is declared first time in you when you do not want to know, not when you don’t know. When you declared — ‘I don’t know’ — first time in your life, you will see all those moments will be your conscious choice of:
1. I do not want to know
2. Knowing feels like, ‘Oh! So much work,’
3. You hate knowing subtly
4. You might be feeling that you are being used
5. Why should I know so much?

These statements infuse stupidity in you.

What are the pitfalls?

1. Knowledge is a knowledge is a knowledge. Being active is being active is being active. Knowledge and action should not be judged, scaled, measured based on the returns, income or luxury or comfort, it is expected to bring.
2. Wealth can always be achieved by knowledge, nothing wrong. But if just wealth becomes the goal of your knowledge, there stops your knowledge and ignorance starts.
3. By being active, acquiring wealth and luxury is not wrong, but that alone should not be your goal. Then, the moment you have your basic needs or wealth or luxury, you will just become inactive.

How to undo what I have done?

1. Do the ground work
a. Seek the atmosphere where constantly your ignorance and inefficiency, tiredness, boredom is challenged. Don’t live where your ignorance is not challenged.
b. Knowledge should be for the sake of more knowledge. Work should be for the sake of more work. Work to get more work. Have knowledge to have more knowledge.
c. Constantly exploring knowledge! Knowledge itself is the taste, joy, excitement, experience. Only that person becomes the embodiment of Saraswati, Maha Saraswati.
d. Be active just to be more active.

Knowledge and being active makes you LIVING. That is the one of the biggest pleasures. This pleasure is thousands of times more than any romance or luxury can give you.

2. Complete
YES to the ignorance is not by anybody else, it is by YOU. Go back and see when was the first time, you said “YES” to ignorance. Dig out patterns you started developing when you said YES to ignorance. Complete with them and break those patterns. Suddenly you will see, it is not that you will know only what you studied, read. No. Suddenly multiple dimensions you will be made known to you.

Knowledge is never linear. When you say YES to knowledge, you just break the ignorance, which is linear. Ignorance is linear, knowledge is always exponential and infinite. It is just multi-dimensional.

3. Decide
Your decision brought you ignorance, laziness and boredom. Your simple decision will bring knowledge, make you active and excited.

If you have become ignorant, just know out of which decision you became ignorant. If you undo that, that is enough.

4. Realize
You are ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance.

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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