Advertising Token SaTT Launches First Oracle Working with Youtube


SaTT, the token revolutionising advertising transactions on the blockchain, launches its first oracle working with Youtube.

Developed by Atayen Inc, the US developer responsible for the i-Frames Facebook app suite, SaTT stands for Smart Advertising Transaction Token and is a utility token that enables advertisers to buy smart advertising services on its Ethereum-based dApp. Advertisers will be able to create advertising offers on the blockchain, receive accurate campaign metrics and also be able to pay content creators automatically.

Youtube Oracle

SaTT has developed the newly launched Youtube Oracle with clear and simple functionality. Once a campaign is created, advertisers can select Youtube influencers to participate in it. These content creators can then proceed to produce an ad introducing the product or service. The ad is webcast on Youtube and its link submitted to be encrypted on the blockchain.

The campaign ROI and payment are defined by the Ethereum Oracle which is a service that allows SaTT to take data from the Internet (or another source external to the blockchain) and feed it into its dApp Smart Contract.

The SaTT Youtube Oracle program sends the metrics (number of views) of the campaign’s performance to the smart contract and then based on this, triggers the payment automatically to the content creator.

Active Campaigns

Currently, the SaTT dApp has already more than twenty active campaigns on its platform integrated with its Youtube Oracle. The SaTT team is currently working on the development of the Twitter and Instagram Oracles and planning to open their SDK (development environment) for oracle creation to the developer community.


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Smart Advertising Transaction Token is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token enabling exchanges of audience and advertising payment.

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