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While sattamatka is reaching heights with it’s popularity, a lot of people still get confused when they actually get down on the basics of playing this game. Sattamatka when it started, was merely a recreational activity where people would gather around and play just to pass time. Started in the 1960s, this game attracted so much of attention that within a few months, this game was played around the nation and not just as a pass time, but for money. Sattamatka being a lottery game, went through a lot of modifications, with a lot of markets emerging in the satta business. Milan Night is one such bazar which is surprisingly gaining a lot of popularity.

With changing times, and developments in technology, this game went through a lot of changes and was constantly modified. Initially, bets were placed on a single number between 0–9 and then a winning number would be drawn and declared. Then later on, three numbers were guessed instead of just one number. Moreover, again, more number of bazars were added up to the industry with a wide variety of games. Today, Satta somehow managed to enter into the world of internet and is racing with it’s unique features. With so many markets in the list, like Milan night, Kalyan, Syndicate morning, Main ratan Bombay, etc, Satta is offering a lot of options to everyone. All these bazars, have all the variations of the game these being, Single, Patti, Panna, Sangam and Half Sangam. Each of these bazars have a specific opening and closing time, according to which the results are declared. Milan Night too has a specific opening and closing time, and it’s because of this time, that people are getting more attracted to this specific bazar.

Milan Night Bazar :

Milan Night bazar is basically a type of bazar in the sattamatka game having specific opening and closing time. The opening time of the bazar is 09.05 pm and the close time is 11.05 pm. One can bet on the open 10–15 mins prior to the open time and same goes for the close time. These timings are basically the results declaration time of the Milan Night bazar.

Our website, provides all the relevant information our players need regarding Milan Night bazar, starting from the guessing forums, to astrology charts, that helps people increase their chances at winning this game. Our website truly makes this game hassle free and rewarding for all our users, so that they don’t miss a chance of winning at it. So, don’t wait anymore and start betting!!


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