Through The Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to “pack” the court. His stated aim? To place judges on the court that would provide favorable rulings on his New Deal legislation. He wanted to turn the Supreme Court into a quasi-legislative body.

Shift to today. Court Packing appears to be back on the menu. Democrats are looking at another conservative on the court, replacing Ruth Ginsburg. Their response is to threaten to pack the court, assuming they regain the White House and the Senate.

Are they stupid? The framers wanted the judiciary separate from the legislative and executive. The system was designed for each branch to check the other. Packing the courts removes that check. Democrats and Progressives know this, which makes this a power grab, pure and simple.

Court packing is a corruption of our republican form of government, and is to be avoided, at all costs.




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Stephen Satterly

Stephen Satterly

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